One-on-one coaching:

Using Skype, Zoom or a simple phone call, I will walk you through your writing projects such as blogs, biographies, promotional material and media releases. (In my local area I also do one-on-one coaching in person).

During these live writing sessions, I analyze what you’ve already written, gently guiding you to tighten up your words and helping you to recast your sentences for more punch and clarity.

I’ll help you get unstuck, and push you to organize your material and clearly identify your ideal reader.

Together, we will schedule your writing time, define your objectives, and quell any panic or self-doubt so you can let your ideas flow. I’ll give you homework, and review what you’ve done during each session.

We’ll organize for clarity, weed out adverbs and prune unnecessary adjectives.

To contact me for one-on-one coaching sessions

Co-writing your book or coaching you through your own book-writing process.

You can book co-writing or coaching sessions with me to help you get your book off the ground or to recast a novel, biography or earth-shaking business philosophy text that’s a bit stuck and needs some help and direction.

I always start with a purpose statement, so you have a clear idea of why you are writing your book, and what you hope to give to your reader. (You’d be surprised by how many people neglect to do this). Any time you wander off track, we’ll refer back to it to see if it needs tweaking or you just need a hand out of the weeds.

We’ll structure the book together, naming chapters and themes, and finding the arc of your story. I will walk you through it every step of the way, suggesting, encouraging, offering virtual hugs and catching grammar do-nots.

Here too, we will schedule writing time so that you stick to it and get the work done. If your work is fiction or autobiography, I will help you hang on to a sense of “story” where you “show, don’t tell.”

Every book is a process and a journey. Think of me as your guide.

And if you get to a place where you need your book “ghost-written” I do that too.

Send me an email to book a session.