With media release production, as with so many other things in life, the following maxim is true: you get what you pay for.

In today’s market, a media release written by a pro who knows their business and can deliver a quality product, will cost you in the neighbourhood of $700 to $1500. Bump that up to $2500 if you want your writer to “work” your brand’s release with the media with follow-up calls and story pitches. (source: Writer’s Market, 2018)

If you need several versions for different targets, such as trade publications, mainstream media outlets, and specific bloggers, the price can go even higher.

And the value?

Don`t get me started. Tens of thousands worth of advertising simply because your release successfully grabbed media and blogger attention. Someone saw the `story` in your story.

The result?  Priceless credibility for your brand.

And more than that. If you wisely pin your releases into your website before you send them out, you have a natural landing spot for potential investors, venture capitalists, partners and funders when they come looking.

You can quickly show off your brand’s value, march of progress, innovation and scale-up.

And three guesses what it does for your SEO.

Statistics show that the recent news tab on any company or not-for-profit website is the number two spot for potential investors to visit after the landing page. And any media captivated by your well-timed release-related tweet (which of course, you are doing) will head straight to the recent news page on your site to get the complete story.

“But we’re not ready,” you say.

Aha my dears, you may well be sitting on a story or development that just begs for a media release, and you could let the chance slip right past you. Look again:

  • Any milestone coming up?
  • A significant company anniversary?
  • Unexpected sales growth?
  • An exciting new hire?
  • Contest win?
  • A new piece of machinery that does amazing things for your processes? (Industry trade mags and bloggers will want to know)
  • New tech or medical innovation?
  • A new office? Partnership?

I could go on, but I won’t. The point is, once you develop a keen nose for what counts among your clients, funders and followers, you need to get all over it with a media release and social media campaign.

Work it. And a good media release is always the place to start.

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