How to write media releases that work - 2 Day Course

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Rate: $297.00 + HST

This workshop’s numbers are kept small so that participants get one-on-one coaching with Jane.

Day One (2 hours)

In this two-part hands-on writing workshop, writing coach Jane Davidson teaches participants how to craft their own effective media releases. A veteran public relations specialist and reporter, Jane has written dozens of releases for past clients like the City of Peterborough and large corporate employers like Du Pont Canada.

Jane doesn’t just offer up templates and lecture from the front of the room. Courses are kept small and participants are guaranteed quality one-on-one coaching time with this award-winning writer.

After years as a reporter for the Globe and Mail Report on Business and the Toronto Star’s Business Today, Jane knows which qualities turn a media release into a story that “makes the news” and which ones guarantee a quick touch of the delete button.

Many confuse a media advisory with a release, and others try to disguise a ploy for free advertising as a media release. Neither work.

Jane will lay out exactly what a media release is, and what it isn’t. Participants will analyze releases that did not work and in the process, learn first-hand what captures the interest of a reporter.

Also, participants will learn:

  • Common mistakes and how to avoid making them
  • How to plan your release before you begin (including it’s destination)
  • Media release “musts” and correct format

In the second hour, participants will work in pairs or small groups, learning how to write the critically important headline and first, or lead, paragraph

How to write media releases that work – Day 2

April 19, 2018

During this session, participants will practice employing Jane’s newsroom tips as they complete their draft releases.

They’ll learn when and how to use quotes, whom to quote, and why. They’ll learn what a boilerplate paragraph is, and why they need one.

Isolating special time for each participant in turn, Jane will review and coach as they craft releases with true power and news-making punch.

Participants will also practice writing a strong email subject line that helps ensure their release gets opened, and (time permitting) they’ll learn how to “work” the release using social media.

Blogging for Beginners - 2 Day Course

Rate: $297.00 + HST

This workshop’s numbers are kept small so that participants get one-on-one coaching with Jane.

Day 1
In this hands-on workshop, Jane will cover what makes a good blog good, and a bad blog not so hot.

She’ll briefly touch on the different kinds of blogs out there in the blogosphere, and help participants see where their blogs fit in (or stand out).

She will identify mental blog blockers and inhibitors and how to deal with them.

On Day one, participants will:

  • Outline their brilliant idea,
  • Craft a draft Blogging Plan,
  • Write,
  • and learn to manage their expectations to avoid discouragement

They’ll each go home with some writing homework that compels them to write a little (or a lot) every day.

(Those participants who have already started a blog are invited to bring their work to the workshop for additional support, tips, and direction.)

Blogging for beginners – Day 2


On the second morning, Jane gives some tips on how to promote a blog, and also when to expect attention from readers other than their mom, colleagues, and their best friend.

Attendees will write in pairs, offering one another constructive feedback and support.

Each participant gets one-on-one time with Jane and leaves with their blog well underway.

Jane will give attendees a series of in-session blog writing exercises. Attendees are also invited to bring in blogs they are working on. You will craft a purpose statement, and develop a clear idea of who you are writing for, and why. You will also learn some tips about building and keeping an audience.

Jane also walks you through some researching basics, helping you to find more to write about with depth and credibility. You will do writing exercises to help you find your own unique writing voice and, working in pairs, get and give feedback.