Hello dear readers.
As I mentioned in my last newsletter about words and things literary, I am sharing with you some tips and guidance that I hope will help you to write material that really works for you.
There are a few things I want you to know to avoid discouragement when it comes to your own writing.

Along with the blessing of the internet has come a few pitfalls.
One of them is the now-widespread belief that writing is easy: after all, everybody seems to be doing it. And doing it successfully. What people generally fail to realize (because they aren’t intended to know this) is that there is a secret behind that blog they so envy – the one with hundreds of followers.
Those brilliant writers and business owners who seem to have sprung into writing with a crusader cape flapping boldly behind them and Super Writer etched on their chests are not actually writing their own stuff.
Blogs are often “ghosted.” That’s right – the writer isn’t the writer after all. Someone else – usually a paid professional marketer or refugee from the ranks of magazine writers – actually penned that dazzling copy or content.
So, don’t feel too bad if you pound away at the keyboard and just can’t get the words to sing and shine for you. Yet. You are up against the pros, and they’ve been at it a lot longer than you have.


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