About Jane


Someday, you will find the time to write your own online content. You and only you can craft your brand story – the thing that says what makes you, your business or service, really tick. And — by inference — why people should like you, follow you, and buy from you.


Some other day, you are planning to start a blog. You are brimming with good ideas. You may have started a list. You’re consuming other people’s blogs at a great rate. You’re doing research. Following those you believe have aced it.

Maybe you “just know” you can do better. Or maybe you think you can’t do as well.

And on yet another day, you will start – or finish – your book.

If any of these descriptions sound like you, you are in the right place.

I am Jane Davidson, I’m a writing coach, and I am here to get you started, walk you along the path, clear the hurdles, and teach you how to write or finish you brand story, blog or book.

I’ll help you

  • Identify exactly who it is that you are writing for,
  • Why you are doing it,
  • Find your very own “voice,”
  • Organize your stuff,
  • Vanquish any blocks,
  • Polish your material,
  • Succeed


  • Nattolie Chilton

    Nattolie Chilton

    " I’ve known Jane Carthew Davidson for ten years. When I became serious about taking on the challenge of completing the book I’d pondered for a decade, I hired her to be my coach and editor. Having weekly session with her is is invaluable in keeping me on task and getting myself to do what I want to do. She is warm, professional and intuitive, gentle yet powerful. I would highly recommend her wise counsel. "

  • Pam Van Nest, PVN Coaching

    Pam Van Nest, PVN Coaching

    " Jane’s writing course opened up something in me that I was only vaguely aware of.  What felt like a jumble of ideas and words were the foundation that Jane used to guide me in arranging in a coherent and authentic message that got clearer and more precise.  "

  • Nichole Moffatt

    Nichole Moffatt

    " I have had the pleasure of working with Jane Davidson on more than a few occasions.  Jane has assisted and advised me with writing and editing many things for my business.  Jane doesn’t just help you with writing and editing.  With Jane’s vast expertise and knowledge, she leaves you with valuable information that you find yourself using, repeatedly.  She is a wonderful teacher. "